Michelle Van Loon

Since coming to faith in Christ at the tail end of the Jesus Movement, Michelle Van Loon's heritage, spiritual hunger and storyteller's sensibilities have shaped her faith journey and informed her writing. She is a regular contributor to Christianity Today's popular Her.meneutics blog, and is the author of If Only: Letting Go Of Regret (Beacon Hill Press). She has pieces in four recent devotional projects and has authored two books on the parables of Jesus. She's been a church communications director, served on staff at Trinity International University, and currently serves as a consultant for a handful of small faith-based non-profits. She's currently enrolled part-time at Northern Seminary. She's married to Bill, and is mother to three and grandmother to two. Her writing focuses on issues of the church and spiritual formation. She blogs at

Blog Posts by Michelle Van Loon

Jerusalem Day 2017

This Tuesday evening at sundown, the Jewish community will commemorate Jerusalem Day – the 50th anniversary of the day the vastly-outnumbered Israeli army reclaimed and reunified the Old City of Jerusalem during the Six Day War. My husband and I…

Farewelling well

Many Evangelicals were shocked to hear that one of their own, broadcaster Hank Hanegraff, host of The Bible Answer Man syndicated radio program, had joined the Orthodox Church. Hanegraff’s faith shift is another account of a former Evangelical moving to…