Disquiet Time

The Bible is full of not-so-precious moments, from murder and mayhem, to sex and slavery. Instead of turning a blind eye to the difficult (and entertaining) passages of scripture, editors Jennifer Grant and Cathleen Falsani decided to take them head on. An incredible cast of contributors tackles the parts of the Bible that most excite, com for, frustrate, or soothe, with arresting insights like:

What the heck is the book of Revelation really about? (The answer will surprise you.)

How do we come to grips with the Bible's troubling (or seemingly troubling) passages about the role of women?

Why did the artist of the oldest known picture of Jesus intentionally pain him with a wonky eye–and what does this strange choice tell us about the beauty of imperfection?

Unique, earnest, and insightful, this is a fresh, wonderful way to liven up one's "quiet time" with the Bible. It was written by and for Bible-loving Christians, agnostics, skeptics, none-of-the-aboves, and people who aren't afraid to dig deep spiritually, ask hard questions, and have some fun along the way.


Jennifer Grant is a writer, editor, and speaker in Chicagoland and the author of four books: Love You More, MOMumental, Wholehearted Living, and Disquiet Time. A former newspaper columnist (Chicago Tribune and Sun Times Media papers), Jennifer currently contributes to her.meneutics, Fullfill, and other publications. She lives with her husband, four children, and a wise and affectionate mutt named Shiloh.