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Wholehearted Living

Wholehearted Living is a book of short, daily readings for women whose season in life affords only limited time for contemplation.

It’s a pause button for mothers who want to take a break from talk of juice boxes and snow pants in favor of confronting their fears or reconnecting with their dreams.

It’s for moments when you feel drawn toward the divine, as well as for those times when you feel like your frailties are holding you captive and you really just want to stand in the corner, face the wall, and scream.

Readers can spend fewer than five minutes a day with Wholehearted Living — or a couple more if you choose to journal, meditate, or pray after reading the day’s reflection. But a good five minutes actually makes a difference, affecting how we relate with others and how we perceive our lives for the rest of the day.



Jennifer Grant is a writer, editor, and speaker in Chicagoland and the author of four books: Love You More, MOMumental, Wholehearted Living, and Disquiet Time. A former newspaper columnist (Chicago Tribune and Sun Times Media papers), Jennifer currently contributes to her.meneutics, Fullfill, and other publications. She lives with her husband, four children, and a wise and affectionate mutt named Shiloh.