Slumping Toward the Altar

I’m no longer ashamed of what my weak flesh needs to live a life of faith. Any lasting reform will require more than endless resolutions, more than sweet words, even The Word. I need physical intervention—strong coffee and bright lights and kids on the bed. I need sacraments, made like me and for me, both spirit and matter.

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Jessica Mesman Griffith is the author of four books, including Strange Journey (2017) and Love and Salt: A Spiritual Friendship in Letters, winner of the 2014 Christopher Award for “literature that affirms the highest values of the human spirit.”

Jessica runs a blog and an online community, Sick Pilgrim, and is a regular contributor to US Catholic, America, and other magazines.

Jessica is also founder of Trying to Say God: Re-enchanting the Catholic Imagination, a literary festival at the University of Notre Dame. She has appeared as a guest on NPR’s Interfaith Voice, CBC’s Tapestry, and on various shows for Relevant Radio and Sirius/XM The Catholic Channel.

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