When Worlds Collide: Watching Cosmos with My Daughter

I am not a creationist or a biblical literalist. I accept evolution, but I believe truth shines through stories, including the story of Adam and Eve in the garden. I figured we would have a talk about evolution at some point in the distant future, but honestly, I found it all a little dull and hoped I could just leave it to her science teachers. I had not expected those teachers to be as dismissive of religion as I had been of the scientific facts. I thought we would all just play in our own yards and respectfully ignore each other. I followed my daughter out of the kitchen in a mild panic. Had she dismissed Christianity as just another tall tale, and lumped Jesus in with Balder and Frodo?

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Jessica Mesman Griffith is the author of four books, including Strange Journey (2017) and Love and Salt: A Spiritual Friendship in Letters, winner of the 2014 Christopher Award for “literature that affirms the highest values of the human spirit.”

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